Middle School Council 2020-2021



Current MS Chair:  Emily Liggitt mscouncil@bronxvillepta.org

MS Vice Chair / Chair for 2021-22: Caroline Dimitri

Mark Your Calendars

Upcoming MS Council dates:

March 3rd              MS Council 7 PM

April 13th               MS/HS combined council meeting 7 PM

May 12th               MS Council 7 PM


MS Resources

Middle School Virtual Bulletin Board  

Homework Roster 

Summer Reading Lists & Grade Supplies
Incoming Grade 6 Reading List and Grade Six Supplies 

Incoming Grade 7 Reading List and Grade Seven Supplies

Incoming Grade 8 Reading List and Grade 8 Supplies 

Incoming Grade 9 Reading List 
Art Supplies for MS 

End of Year Classes & Assignments 2020

 4/19 MS Principal's Email:  List of Resources 

Programs and Platforms in Use by Middle School Teachers 

As mentioned in the last MS Council meeting [zoom link above], teachers are using a wide variety of platforms and programs to enhance classroom learning.  While Zoom is a strong resource for connecting people and is an excellent tool on many levels, it is not the only-- or the most effective tool in every application.  Below is a non-exhaustive list of some programs our Middle School teachers are using with students. [Some are listed here as well http://bronxvilletech.weebly.com/secondary-resources.html]

  1. Google Classroom: This is the main hub of Middle School during distance learning.  All classes begin here. It is the central repository for all class work and information and functions like a virtual homeroom and a locker.

  2. Flipgrid: This program helps teachers to create meaningful discussions on recorded video segments.

  3. Screencastify: This is in frequent use.  The proram allows teachers to create videos for easy upload and use by students.

  4. Zoom: Video conferencing program that allows for small groups called “breakout rooms”

  5. IXL: An adaptive training program especially useful for math including word problems and review of learned content.

  6. Khan Academy: A deep and rich resource allowing students to take full courses of study in a wide variety of course offerings. It offers "A world class education for everyone, anytime, anywhere."

  7. Padlet: Allows for students to add multiple notes and comments to a common document which is very useful for small group work.

  8. Classkick: Gives teachers the ability to watch every student in a class work on an assignment simultaneously.  This is an invaluable resource. Teachers are just beginning to share this valuable resource but makes a real difference in how a teacher can monitor a full class.

  9. PearDeck: Makes presentations like slides interactive, allowing for side work to be given, for students to comment on and make use of the presentation mid-stream.

  10. Gimkit: An interactive quiz type interface that allows for students to gain points to unlock new levels within the program.

  11. Quiziz: Similar to Gimkit, but is more basic in structure.  Very useful for self-review and set up is easy for anyone to use.

  12. EdPuzzle: Allows for teachers to collect direct information about student engagement with video.

  13. Google Forms: Quiz and survey based platform

  14. Google Meet: An alternate video or audio based platform.

  15. Kahoot: Team based variety of quiz based questions. Most like a video game and has been used to great utility even when we were in the building. 

  16. Quizlet: Another useful study based program that can be assigned or used by a student on their own.

  17. Newsela: A data base of current events that have been formed for use in classrooms. This is a powerful database that allows teacher to use valid and reliably sourced documents with students.

  18. Educreations: a whiteboard app that allows teachers to record drawings/writing, along with their voice and post videos for students

  19. icivics.org: promotes an understanding of civics and helps students to understand the importance of becoming an engaged citizen.


The Bronxville Middle / High School Library 

Mrs. Eileen Mann, our school librarian, is a strong presence in the virtual Middle School.  She works directly with teachers and visits classes and adds useful suggestions for students and teachers alike.  Here are some useful resources Mrs. Mann wishes to share with the parent community (available through the school website)


MS e-Book List: We own or have access rights to many titles.  The eBooklist has slides of each book by genre.

Grade 8 Booklist- As above, but a group of books specially sourced for Grade 8 students.

ABDO- Is a free ebook resource for all students allowing access to many more titles.


Other web-based resources: 
Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History- Offering free access through the end of this year.

Discovery Educators Network- Same as above

Discovery Education-Same as above

SmartMusic: is a music learning software for educators and students to make practicing fun. Tracking student progress is simple and effective.


Other Middle School Happenings: 


Coming Soon: Middle School Podcast

A student driven podcast is in the works!  Stay tuned to learn more about how to access the podcast and what the topics of interest will be!


The Gallop: MS Newspaper


The MS newspaper, The Gallop, will meet tomorrow remotely at 11:30. We will be working on our articles for the next remote issue. New and current members are welcome to join and contribute every week. We are looking for articles, stories, artwork, photography, reviews and any other ideas you are interested in writing about!  Class join code: ra6nhkz


Psychology Website and Weekly Challenge: 

This week's Mindfulness Challenge from our school psychologists is self-compassion.  The psychologists encourage you and your children to visit the website and look through the Challenge and resources for families.




6th & 7th Grade Students Needed!

BASC Homework Mentoring  class from 3-4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. MS Students will help ES students with their homework, studying and organization. Volunteers needed tomorrow! Please sign up your child for one session at a time and wait a few days before signing up for more. 6th & 7th graders Only please. We are organizing a similar opportunity for eighth graders to begin soon. To sign up click here:

Parent Volunteers Needed!

Any eighth grade parents interested in joining the new MSC&C subcommittee for homework helpers at the ECAP after school program, please email dennisem@gmail.com. Parent volunteers are needed to provide this opportunity to our students! 

MS Character & Community Service Committee INFO.

Check the principal's newsletter for new volunteer opportunities!