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2020 ES Council Chair: Anabella Davis - escouncil@bronxvillepta.org

ES Vice Chair / Chair for 2020-22: Alanna Leavell

September 15: BASC Registration Is Open

September 17: Board of Education Mtg @ 6:15 pm YouTube (see agenda)

September 23: ES Council Mtg @7pm (zoom link will be sent)

September 29: All School Community PTA Meeting @7pm (zoom link will be sent)

 ES Council Meeting 8/5 @5:30 - Minutes

ES Council  Zoom 8/5 Meeting Recording Link & Slide Deck

  1. Welcome – Anabella Davis: School is 5 weeks away – tonight is the update on how the school year will start

  2. Superintendent’s Report - Dr. Roy Montesano: Re-Opening Plan for September-Posted on school website under COVID tab

  3. Principal’s Report – Tricia Murray - Slide Show:

-Classroom set up with desks 6 feet apart (if this can’t happen, class will be spread apart across two classrooms or relocated to larger space)

-Teacher resident will assist teacher if split into 2 rooms

-Desks will be 6 feet apart with barriers

-Students will be required to wear masks all day

-Screening form is due by 7:30 each morning

-Lunch and PE will be outside with students 6 feet apart (if it rains, move indoors)

-Classes will rotate through different play areas for recess each day (including playground)

-Special Education students will either receive push-in or pull-out

-Electrostatic sprayers will be used every night in addition to “normal” cleaning procedures

-Arrival is 8:10-8:30 with different entrance points assigned

-Dismissal is 2:35-2:55

-Remote Instruction-Parents given 2 options based on number of students

-If Child or Staff shows signs/symptoms of COVID, they are not allowed building

-Full Remote Instruction will occur if school is unable to provide in person learning

-Parents not allowed in school on first day


3. Questions & Answers


-BASC Program will be virtual

-Protocols are same for in school full time vs. part time

-If community outbreak occurs, can families switch to remote?  Need to explore

-Reduction in typical class size depends on number of students choosing in person vs. remote

-School Supply lists on website

-No devices will be shared between children

-Teacher Resident is an intern

-Contact tracing will be key in determining which schools will need to close

-Speech and reading skills will be taught by teachers in clear masks

-Children who share aides will be placed in the same group

-New Health Office-6 Separate exam rooms with bath/shower area-will be completed by 9/1

-Live instruction will be prioritized in remote learning

-No lockers will be used this year; all supplies will be at their desks

-Class would be alerted if child or teacher gets COVID and entire class would quarantine for 14 days

-School supplies will be put inside large Ziploc bags

-Tricia will send out Presentation slides with recording of meeting

-Class lists will be sent out August 14th


Upcoming Events:

First four Days of School (½ Days) – September 8 – 11 – Schedule is TBD

ES Council 4/30 Meeting

Meeting recording at https://youtu.be/ff-kgJ-Dtws

ES BASC@Home - Free Classes Continue Week 6 @ 2pm

Check out the online BASC courses and descriptions, they are offering five virtual classes per day for grades K-2, K-5 or 3-5.  Click HERE to access the zoom links and calendar: several offerings per day from 2pm - 5:45pm. If you have any questions, please email the BASC team at Bronxvillebasc@gmail.com.  The password for classes this week was sent by email.

Additional Resources

Principal's Update:

5/8 "We have heard from our community that there is a need for more synchronous sessions for our students, and we are pleased to share that classroom teachers in grades K-5 are incorporating more Zoom sessions into their day beginning next week. Zoom sessions can encompass an "Overview of the Day", a Morning Meeting where the focus is Social and Emotional Learning and connection, sharing and discussing student work done during asynchronous sessions, question and answer periods for new material, and/ or reteaching, and differentiated small group instruction. Overall, these additional Zoom sessions will increase the amount of touch-points for students, and will hopefully increase their engagement and motivation. Students should attend the Zoom sessions that their teachers invite them to. However, I also understand that due to scheduling conflicts, this may not be possible; and therefore, students will not be penalized if they miss a Zoom session."  Please review the ES Zoom Guidelines 


ES Resources:

More Resources:

Link to new B*Well Resources

Link to new BOLD Update & Resources

Link to School UpdatesSchool Psychology Department Resources

See also Remote Learning Parent Guidelines; District website: Online Educational Resources.


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