Volunteer for the PTA for 2020-21 

The Bronxville PTA supports all three of our schools, and there are numerous ways for parents to support the PTA.  In addition to money raised by membership and fundraisers, the donation of time, expertise and ideas by our generous volunteers enables us to run fundraisers, events, and activities (full list here), enriching our children’s school experience and our community as a whole.  

The dedication and support of our community is vital to make the coming year successful.  We have many roles on our PTA Board, who serve across all three schools, as well as numerous roles within each of our ES, MS, HS, BOLD and Athletics Councils.  Please click on this page for descriptions of all the different roles, and then click on one or more of the buttons below (or above on mobile) to let us know what you'd like to do.

Please contact Lia Gravier with any questions regarding specific positions at presidentelect@bronxvillepta.org, or to be a general volunteer, click here.  Deadline for council roles was May 1, 2020, but reach out to your current PTA Council lead if you wish to get involved.  See contact info here: 

PTA Nominating Committee for 2020/2021

Lia Gravier, PTA President Elect: presidentelect@bronxvillepta.org

Margaret Wang, HS Vice Chair, HS Council Chair Elect

Emily Liggitt, MS Vice Chair,  MS Council Chair Elect

Anabella Davis, ES Vice Chair, ES Council Chair Elect

Laura Pettee, Athletic Council Vice Chair

Margaret Mager, BOLD Council Vice Chair

Current PTA Board & Council Chairs for 2019/2020

President                       Suzette Sands              president@bronxvillepta.org

President Elect              Lia Gravier                   presidentelect@bronxvillepta.org

Treasurer                        Julie Daher                  treasurer@bronxvillepta.org

Secretary                        Sarah Clifford              secretary@bronxvillepta.org

ES Council Chair           Deya Warren               escouncil@bronxvillepta.org

MS Council Chair          Jennifer Heathwood  mscouncil@bronxvillepta.org

HS Council Chair          Darcy Kaye                   hscouncil@bronxvillepta.org

Athletic Council Chair  Tricia Reilly                   athleticcouncil@bronxvillepta.org

Athletic Council Chair  Cindy Randall              athleticcouncil@bronxvillepta.org

Apparel                          Sarah Pulkkinen          apparel@bronxvillepta.org

Apparel                          Mariana Mingo           apparel@bronxvillepta.org

BASC/A9                       Katie McGrath             basc@bronxvillepta.org

BASC Treasurer            Dean Vanderwarker     basc.treasurer@bronxvillepta.org

Country Fair                  Heather Scholes          memorialday@bronxvillepta.org

Communications          Wendy Halley              broncobeat@bronxvillepta.org

PR Chair                        Alana Stack Leavell     media@bronxvillepta.org

Membership Toolkit    Beth Aherne                 elizabethaherne@aol.com

Membership                Jane Scotti                    momscotti6@gmail.com

Webmaster                  Priscilla Bender             admin@bronxvillepta.org

HS Faculty Rep            Denise Flood                hs.fac.rep@bronxvillepta.org

MS Faculty Rep           Jillana Valente               ms.fac.rep@bronxvillepta.org

ES Faculty Rep            Christina Rivera             es.fac.rep@bronxvillepta.org

Superintendent           Roy Montesano            superintendent@bronxvillepta.org