Executive Board

President: Lia Gravier president@

President Elect: Jennifer Heathwood, presidentelect@

Treasurer: Alexis Gold, treasurer@

Secretary: Anne Marie Denning, secretary@

ES Council Chair: Anabella Davis, escouncil@

MS Council Chair: Emily Liggitt, mscouncil@

HS Council Chair: Margaret Wang, hscouncil@

B*Well Co-Chairs: Jennifer Hommeyer & Jenn Redman, bewellpta@

Membership: Beth Aherne & Rekha Waggoner

BASC: Heather Scholes, basc@

BASC Treasurer: Dean Vanderwarker, basc.treasurer@

Memorial Day: Mariana Mingo, memorialday@

Athletic Council: Tricia Reilly & Cindy Randall, athleticcouncil@

Memorial Day Co-Chairs: Mariana Mingo & & Rosie Amodio, MemorialDay@

Apparel: Sarah Pulkkinen & Mariana Mingo, apparel@

New Families: Carlie Patterson (see Directory)

BOLD Council Chair: Lia Gravier, president@

Social Media/Website: Rosie Amodio, Susie Frigon & Amy Brown Colatrella, media@

Webmaster: Priscilla Bender admin@

All emails above end in  To contact any other member of the PTA, please use our PTA directory on the app or at


HS Faculty Rep            Denise Flood                hs.fac.rep@

MS Faculty Rep           Jillana Valente               ms.fac.rep@

ES Faculty Rep            Christina Rivera             es.fac.rep@

Superintendent           Roy Montesano             superintendent@