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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee 


The Bronxville School PTA has created a school-wide DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Committee. The Mission of the DEI Committee is to encourage an environment amongst the school community where members from diverse backgrounds based on race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation feel seen, heard and empowered. The committee will work on sourcing speakers on the topic of DEI for all 3 schools and will coordinate with the work of school leadership.                                                              


DEI Co-Chairs

Anabella Davis: and Teresa Brady:   

Committee members

Huma Agboatwalla

Kat Rodriguez

Lia Gravier

Mike Brady

Rekha Waggoner

Tatiana Castro Taboas


Meetings & Events


All School Meeting to introduce the work of DEI

Thursday, March 18 @ 7 pm

DEI Discussions Monthly Meeting: Join members of the DEI committee for open forum discussions the first Wednesday of each month. Conversation starters will be posted the week before each meeting. All meetings will be held on zoom at 7:30 pm. 

Join the workshop

“Raising Racially Literate Children & Teaching What We Do Not Know” with Martha Haakmat
 Thursday, April 15th and Thursday, April 29th @ 7pm  Register Here


If you have you been caught off guard by a question or comment about race from your child and wondered how to raise children who have the knowledge, skills and tools to be members of an increasingly global and interconnected society, then…this workshop is not to be missed!!


Join Martha Haakmat for an interactive educational series offering parents tools and strategies for raising competent kids who will be best prepared for the world they’ll inherit, and who will shape it for the better with confidence and understanding.


Learn through conversations with other parents how the communities we create, the way we behave with one another and what we understand about ourselves as full people all contain lessons that we impart through our parenting.

RESOURCES recommended by guest speaker Martha Haakmat. Click here. 

Want to join? All school community members are welcome to join our committee. We are open to ideas on how to fulfill our mission. Please email one of the co-chairs.

The DEI Committee will highlight events through school-wide meetings, all-school
book/podcast/articles, the PTA’s social media pages and bringing relevant experts and 
Speakers on varying topics to the parent community.


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Please direct inquiries to

Lia Gravier

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