About Us

Making a Difference Every Day

The Bronxville School PTA, a chapter of the New York State PTA Congress, is a 501(c)3 organization. We welcome the involvement of all parents and teachers in our school community. All charitable donations to the Bronxville PTA are tax deductible to the level designated by the New York tax code.

Executive Board
President, Jennifer Heathwood
President Elect, Amy Krause
Treasurer, Jill Bethea
Treasurer Elect, TBD
Secretary, Amy Brown

ES Council Chair 
Alanna Leavell
MS Council Chair 
Caroline Dimitri
HS Council Chair 
Amy Wiser
Athletic Council Co-Chairs 
Laura Pettee/Tricia Reilly
Athletic Council Treasurer 
Sara Kenny
Apparel Co-Chairs 
Apparel Treasurer 
Memorial Day Co-Chairs 
Sarah Pulkkinen/Mariana Mingo 
Ashley Ching 
Memorial Day Treasurer 
BASC Chairs 
BASC Treasurer 
Heather Scholes 
Dean Vanderwarker
BASC Treasurer Elect 
B*Well Co-Chairs 
Jennifer Redman/Jennifer Hommeyer/Dierdre Doheny
Arts Council 
Lyndal Vermette/Justine McEnerney
Performing Arts 
Bridget Lockwood
Musical Arts 
Niahm Hartnett Merluccio
Lia Gravier/Teresa Brady
PR Communications Chair 
Rosie Amodio
Social Media 
Amy Brown Collatrella
Victoria Thiessen/Tempe Zucker

New Families 
Carlie Patterson
President Emeritus 
Lia Gravier, Suzette Sands, Pricilla Bender,
Faculty/Administration Representatives
Roy Montesano
ES Faculty Liaison 
Christina Rivera
MS Faculty Liaison 
Jillana Valente
HS Faculty Liaison 
Denise Flood Doyle
BXVFoundation Liaison 
Board of Education Liaison 
Miki Kapoor


Our Mission

The Bronxville PTA is made up of parents and teachers voluntarily working together to provide a safe and enriching environment for the students enrolled in the Bronxville School District. The PTA Executive Board is charged with the governance of the various Councils that run the PTA activities. The activities of the PTA councils are designed to advocate for the interests of the students in alignment with the Bronxville Promise; promote the welfare of children and youth in the home, school, and community; facilitate communication between the school and families, and enhance the experience of the students in the school.

Meet The Team


President, Jennifer Heathwood, President@BronxvillePTA.org

President Elect, Amy Krause, PresidentElect@BronxvillePTA.org


Treasurer, Jill Bethea, Treasurer@BronxvillePTA.org

Treasurer Elect Katrina Nay

Secretary, Amy Brown, Secretary@BronxvillePTA.org

ES Council Chair, Alanna Leavell
MS Council Chair, Caroline Dimitri
HS Council Chair, Amy Wiser
Athletic Council Co-Chairs, Laura Pettee/Tricia Reilly
Athletic Council Treasurer, Sara Kenny
Apparel Co-Chairs, Sara Pulkkinen/Mariana Mingo
Apparel Treasurer, Ashley Ching
Memorial Day Co-Chairs, TBD
Memorial Day Treasurer, TBD
BASC Chairs, Heather Scholes
BASC Treasurer, Dean Vanderwarker
BASC Treasurer Elect, TBD
B*Well Co-Chairs, Jennifer Redman/Jennifer Hommeyer/Dierdre Doheny
Arts Council, Lyndal Vermette/Justine McEnerney
Performing Arts, Bridget Lockwood
Musical Arts, TBD
BOLD Co-Chairs, Niamh Hartnett Merluccio/Lia Gravier
DEI Co-Chairs, Lia Gravier/Teresa Brady
PR Communications Chair, Rosie Amodio
Social Media Chair, Amy Brown Collatrella
Membership Co-Chairs, Victoria Thiessen/Tempe Zucker
New Families, Carlie Patterson
President Emeritus, Lia Gravier/Suzette Sands

Superintendent, Roy Montesano
ES Faculty Liaison, Christina Rivera
MS Faculty Liaison, Jillana Valente
HS Faculty Liaison, Denise Flood Doyle
BXV Foundation Liaison, Amy Krause
Board of Education Liaison, Miki Kapoor

All that We Do...