BOLD (Bronxville Organization for Learning Differences)

BOLD is a PTA / parent-led group advocating for awareness and inclusion of ALL Bronxville School students.  

In conjunction with the broader mission of awareness and inclusion, BOLD seeks to provide a resource and forum for ALL parents. This includes networking, discussing available support options, providing  Bronxville School Administration contacts, or  acting as a soundboard for parents BOLD also organizes exciting, informative speakers and group coffees.

School communities worldwide are working to accommodate the increasingly high percentage of students requiring varying levels of support services. 

Bronxville School is no different. We are fortunate, however, that our school boasts one of the region’s strongest support infrastructures, including Academic help; Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapies; and many other essential support services.  The goal is to provide ALL Bronxville Students with the supplemental support needed to achieve individually appropriate success levels.

Importantly, the Bronxville School community prides itself on fostering an inclusive learning environment for ALL students.  Awareness of learning and developmental differences – and active inclusion of students facing such challenges – are valuable life skills for ALL Bronxville School students.

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